Development Player League (DPL)

Development Player League (DPL)

The Development Player League (DPL) is designed to expand the Girls Academy (GA) player pool for participating clubs. The league creates a highly professional training environment and competitive model for aspiring GA players, bridging the gap between club soccer and Girl's Academy soccer.

The DPL provides a clear pathway for players who show the potential to make the jump to the GA level of play. The DPL teams will offer players who excel to have the opportunity to be called up for their respective GA teams. This structure provides an expanded pool of aspiring GA players with more exposure to the GA training model and level of play, while allowing them the time they need to develop. 

Founded on the ideology of the full GA program, the DPL provides a development structure that focuses on playing more meaningful games with highly professional game day environment, more training, high level coaching, development before winning attitude, and great exposure in major college showcases events.

DPL Website

Development Player League: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, & U18/19 Girls Only

  • Northwest Conference includes the following clubs:
    1. Albion SC Idaho (ID)
    2. Thorns North Idaho (ID)
    3. Albion SC Portland (OR)
    4. Soccer Chance Academy (OR)
    5. Mt. Rainier FC (WA)
    6. Spokane Sounders SC (WA)
    7. Central Washington Sounders (WA)
    8. Washington East SC (WA)
  • 14 Game Conference
    • 2 Conference Event Weekends (6 conference games)
    • July/August - Spokane, WA
    • January - Seattle, WA
    • Remaining conference games to be coordinated by clubs/conference
  • 1 DPL National Showcase Event
  • DPL Playoffs Qualification

We support high school soccer participation and schedule around high school seasons.  DPL takes priority, however, players and teams are welcome to participate in other leagues and events outside of the DPL.

Program Goal

To develop world-class players and coaches in an effort to place them at the college, professional and national team levels.

Program Objectives

To provide the best environment for world-class development. We commit to:

  • Putting the players first
  • Hiring and developing the best coaching staff
  • Developing a winning mentality
  • Staying on the forefront of innovation
  • Playing attractive soccer
  • Teaching the game in a holistic way
  • Being transparent
  • Doing what’s right
  • Improving every day
  • The future and constant innovation

Core Values

Program Structure

Youth to College, National Team, Professional Pathway

We offer a progressive pathway for players at the U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U19, and semi-pro levels. Through this structure, we have the ability to fast-track player development and promote youth players. With a commitment to innovation and high performance, along with optimal structure and resources, we are the model club for player and coach development in the United States.

Vertical Integration

The Girls Development Player League is connected and aligned with the other areas of the club in order to facilitate proper player development. This requires a consistent training curriculum and methodology. Our coaches collaborate and create the ideal training and game-playing scenarios for each player in the program.

Professional Staff

ALBION SC hires and attracts experienced coaches that have played and coached at the most elite levels. These coaches are all credentialed with a US Soccer A, B, or C license and are experienced with elite-level programming and team management. Our staff includes the following positions:

  • DPL Director - Michael Mollay
  • Executive Director - Derek Wimpee 
  • Staff Coach - George Hunt 
  • Staff Coach -  Shawn Watts 
  • Staff Coach - Hannah Pierotti


We believe in an age-based developmental philosophy that can be defined as follows:

Train to Learn.
U13-U14. At this stage, players are primed for the long-term demands of the 11v11 game. During this period, there is a heavy emphasis on technical and soccer IQ components of the game. Our teaching is geared towards perfecting our game model and style of play. We strive to develop a winning mentality every day.

Train to Compete.
U15. At this stage, players are better prepared for the physical and mental demands of the 11v11 game. While we continue to perfect our game model and style of play, we will introduce different tactical elements that give us a competitive advantage over our opponents. We compete every day and exude a winning mentality in everything that we do.

Train to Win.
U16-U19. At this stage, players are ready to compete and must show the desire to win at all times. We will showcase our players and teams at the highest levels possible.

DPL Resources and Initiatives

  • Financial assistance for players that qualify
  • Individual Development Plans for each player
  • Access to all home game footage
  • Classroom access for team meetings and video analysis
  • Position-specific training
  • Age-based developmental model
  • Comprehensive curriculum and teaching methodology